Stories of the Night Sky

About the Video Project

Using present day digital video technology coupled with online media training, this project brings together Aboriginal youth from across Canada to gather and share diverse and rich Aboriginal night sky stories from community Elders. These reflect observations that were connected through story and ceremony; interlinking the sky, the land, and the people, with timeless understandings that foster traditional Indigenous values, strengths, and wisdom.

The activities of the UNESCO International Year of the Astronomer 2009 have also served as impetus for this project with encouragement to gather Night Sky Stories that reflect the richness and diversity of Canada's Aboriginal Peoples. Credit must be given to Mi'kmaq Elders for their early support towards revitalization of Aboriginal night sky stories within IYA-Canada celebrations. Stories of the Night Sky provides an opportunity for young Canadians to share knowledge on the night sky first hand in a living classroom and brings a contemporary perspective to age old stories. The stories gathered in this project are delivered by Aboriginal youth and are both ancient and new in perspective.