Intro Video

We introduce you to some beautiful photography of the night sky, and set the scene for this project.

Tips for Shooting a Video the Right Way

  1. You need a camera, and someone to shoot the video.
  2. Use a tripod if you can. Otherwise, keep your hands steady.
  3. The tripod legs can be extended to make it taller. Be careful not to break the legs on the tripod.
  4. You can attach the camera to the screw on top of the camera.
  5. Don't forget to have light on the guest's face.
  6. Practice with the camera first, so you know how everything works.
  7. You should sit or stand in front of the guest no more than 5 feet away. A kitchen table is a good place to shoot. Keep an uncluttered background behind them.
  9. Place the camera close to you, near your shoulder, right or left, or in front of you.
  10. Make sure the camera is at the same height as your guest.
  11. Make sure you're close enough so the camera can hear you and your guest. Test this before you begin your interview.
  12. Make sure you frame your guest so they don't look strange in the shot.
  13. Experiment a bit to make sure everything is right before you begin shooting.
  14. Make sure you check when you're done so you can see if you have everything you need.

How to Call the Northern Lights

Writer Richard VanCamp explains to us how we call the Northern Lights (And how to keep them from stealing you!)

History of the Night Sky

Jim Hesser discusses how different civilizations have viewed the night sky through history.

Teresa Marshall

Theresa Marshall, a Mi'Kmaq artist of the Millbrook First Nation talks about taditional native artwork. She also tells us about her painting, and the story it represents.